Lessons for Running, Lessons for Life (#RunnersWorld)

I love “Runner’s World.”  Even though I’m not as serious as many of the runners they talk about and write for, it always inspires me and reminds me that any running–any distance, any pace–is good running; and there always are ways to improve and things to learn, whether you are a beginner or an elite runner.  Plus, I love looking at the list of upcoming races and dreaming about where I might run next!

Anyway, there was an article in the May 2016 issue called “Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons,” offering some advice for beginners.  But, as I was reading through the list, I realized how really appropriate it was for life in general, and I wanted to share it.  See what you think.

1.  Patience pays off.
2.  Strength comes in many forms.
3.  There’s value in constancy.
4.  You get out what you put in.
5.  Growth happens outside your comfort zone.
6. Run with the finish line in mind….
7.  …but savor the mile you’re in.
8.  Without the lows, the highs wouldn’t feel nearly as good.
9.  If you’re not careful groove can become ruts…And ruts lead straight to boredom and burnout.
10.  The first step is the hardest.
11.  Set your own pace.
12.  You’ve got to have faith.
13.  Experience trumps stuff.
14.  The richest rewards are seldom immediate.
15.  Talking really helps.
16.  It’s okay to be scared.
17.  Confidence is good; hubris is not.
18.  Sometimes things go wrong.
19.  Just keep moving forward.
20.  If you wait until you really need a toilet, you have waited too long.

I love every single one of those [and don’t underestimate the power of #20!]. Running really is a metaphor for so many other things:  it requires commitment, risk, patience, and endurance, but it also promises satisfaction, growth, strength, and confidence.  You have to put up with disappointment and change when you’re a runner; and you have to be willing to keep going, even when all you want to do is stop and go back.  Ultimately, life really is a sort of marathon, with highs and lows, euphoric moments and dark nights of the soul–and oh, don’t forget the great party with people that you love waiting at the end!  

No matter what, just keep moving forward, every morning, one step at a time.

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