Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Calling

Today in the United States we are honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., commemorating his extraordinary life and way he changed US society for the better.  We have by no means realized the “dream” for which King is so famous, nor have we realized the beautiful community he envisioned, but because of the lingering power of…… Continue reading Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Calling

Moving Beyond Assimilation

I was listening to NPR the other day, and I heard a story about immigrants—particularly Syrian immigrants in Toledo, Ohio.  [You can find the story here: What really struck me was the comment of one of the interviewees, Jon Johnstone, who was described as being “suspicious of people who continue to wear headscarves and…… Continue reading Moving Beyond Assimilation

"Aren’t We Lucky?"

At the American Academy of Religion meeting last week, the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies sponsored a panel honoring the work of Jim Fredericks, pioneer in Buddhist-Christian dialogue and all-around wonderful human being.  After several papers were presented, discussing various aspects of his long career, Dr. Fredericks stood up to offer a response.  He took a…… Continue reading "Aren’t We Lucky?"