Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman

The ELCA has a new presiding bishop–a woman; and while I think Mark Hanson did a great job as bishop, I’m so pleased at this milestone:  it’s good for the church, and good for the world–and here’s why.

This past week I read two different stories about girls/women in leadership roles, one talking about why more girls don’t go into the sciences:

and the other one talking about the culture of rape that is still prevalent in too many colleges, particularly military academies:

The common thread in both these stories is that seeing women in leadership positions makes a big difference–for both young men and women–and for society as a whole.  More specifically, it creates a culture in which women are viewed differently–they are seen as stronger, smarter, more confident, and more capable.  The fact of women in leadership roles creates a different social climate, both consciously and unconsciously building relationships of equality and mutual respect; and, of course, these women offer young girls concrete, tangible role models to which they can aspire.  Women in positions of power make something that can seem impossible possible, and in that way, they not only change the present but the future as well.

But let’s be clear:  the point is not to choose/hire/vote for a woman just because she has breasts and an “X” chromosome–the point is to choose/hire/vote for a woman because sometimes she’s the best man for the job, period.  But make no mistake–when that happens, it sends a wipe ripple of change through society that continues to be sorely needed; and to pretend we are somehow “beyond” that is to deceive ourselves and to rob a generation of young girls and boys who can still only dimly imagine the kind of world greater gender parity could create for them.

We’ve come a long way, but we have a long way yet to go–I’m glad the ELCA’s new presiding bishop (Pastor Elizabeth Eaton, by the way) is one step on the journey.

One thought on “Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman

  1. Certainly a testament to how our process in calling bishops does work. I remember President Cooper-White making the point that in another type of process we probably wouldn't have someone like Bishop Eaton called to be our Presiding Bishop. It seems to me that she will be a blessing to this church!


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