Shitholes, the Cross and the Flag

One of the things that anyone who is fortunate enough to have a sabbatical experiences [and believe me, I know how fortunate I am to have a sabbatical] is the pleasure of digging into “the stack.”  You know what I mean–that tall stack of reading material that you have been putting off until ‘sometime’–Christmas break,…… Continue reading Shitholes, the Cross and the Flag

The “Wrong” Kind of Christian

  Last week, one of my students brought to my attention a really interesting article from the Washington Post, titled “Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow:  A tale of two Christians on their knees.”  [Find it here: Tebow and Kaepernick].  It was written in light of the current practice of NFL players taking a knee during the…… Continue reading The “Wrong” Kind of Christian

Allegiances, Kaepernick, and Taking a Knee

So, I love football–it’s hard to grow up in Denver & not love it; and after the Broncos’ Super Bowl win last season, I’m still in the post-victory glow.  The season kicks off on Thursday–with a Bronco game (rematch of last year’s Super Bowl), and so I’m tuned back in to ESPN and other sports…… Continue reading Allegiances, Kaepernick, and Taking a Knee