Forgiveness & Accountability

If you orbit the Lutheran world, you probably have heard that United Lutheran Seminary is in the midst of a serious leadership crisis.  Damaging information has come out about President Theresa Latini’s past, which in itself is problematic for some [roughly twenty years ago she was the executive director of OnebyOne, a Presbyterian anti-gay organization…… Continue reading Forgiveness & Accountability

Bonhoeffer, Palm Sunday and Our Walk to the Cross

This Sunday, we have a meaningful and poignant confluence of Christian commemorations:  it is, of course, Palm Sunday, but it also is the feast day of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  This means that we will be beginning Holy Week–starting our long walk to the cross–hand in hand with Bonhoeffer; with his words in our ears, and the…… Continue reading Bonhoeffer, Palm Sunday and Our Walk to the Cross