Lenten Thoughts on Judas

So, in case you are ready to read something that is NOT about the Coronavirus, I have a quick recommendation. I don’t usually read graphic novels, but I have a very strong theological interest in Judas (basically, I think Judas is the exemplar of salvation in Jesus Christ—if he isn’t saved, none of us are).…… Continue reading Lenten Thoughts on Judas

Fighting a "Scarcity" mentality with the Resurrection

  Thanks to my book group, I have a few new podcasts that I’ve started listening to and one of the ones I’m really liking is “Hidden Brain,” with Shankar Vedantam.  I always enjoy his NPR segments on social behaviors and how we are wired; this is more of the same and equally interesting.  …… Continue reading Fighting a "Scarcity" mentality with the Resurrection