Religion and Media

Today [actually, in 5 minutes!], I am beginning my Religion and Media J-term course.  This is the second time I have taught it, with my colleague Mary Hess from Luther:  I love team-teaching with her, not only because she is a warm, interesting person, but because I learn so much, and we have similar pedagogical commitments.

I’ll be posting about this course all week, and I’m really looking forward to it, because it reminds me to pay more attention to, well, issue of religion and the media:  how religion is depicted in the media, how the media affects how we see each other and ourselves, and how the media [or “media” more generally] impact how we think about God, church, etc., etc.

In particular, today we are going to be talking about relationships–humans are fundamentally relational, of course–and we relate in so many ways today through different media technologies:  media make possible many kinds of relationships, but also challenge aspects of human relationality, too.  The church needs to be thinking about these things in order to stay relevant and continue to proclaim the gospel in ways that speak to people where they are.

So, stay tuned–more to follow!

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