Doing [and Living] Theology with My Neighbor

As I get ready to start teaching the “Doing Theology with My Neighbor” class next Tuesday, I thought this story is such a great example of why Christians need to be better informed about their other-faith sisters and brothers.

Here are a couple quotes from the article: 
At those schools, Muslim students, from the United States or abroad, say they prefer a place where talk of religious beliefs and adherence to a religious code are accepted and even encouraged, socially and academically. Correctly or not, many of them say they believe that they are more accepted than they would be at secular schools.

“I like the fact that there’s faith, even if it’s not my faith, and I feel my faith is respected,” said Maha Haroon, a pre-med undergraduate at Creighton University in Omaha, who was born in Pakistan and grew up in the United States. “I don’t have to leave my faith at home when I come to school.”
These experiences remind me that people of faith have so much to share with one another, and many deep similarities when it comes to the questions we ask and the way we view the world.  Of course, there are many important differences, too, but when we come together to talk about them–without assuming anyone needs to be convinced or converted, we all learn and grow, and our own faith is strengthened and enriched. 

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