On my way to Japan

I am sitting here in the shiny B concourse at Dulles, getting ready to fly to Japan. I am very excited about this trip–I think it is going to be my favorite of them all. I have been to Japan once before, but never Kyoto, which is the religious heart of Japan–full of temples and historic walkways. Buddhism is a long-standing love: it has the feeling to me of an old, familiar friendship somehow. I have been interested in Buddhism since my second class at Colorado College, freshman year (they are on the block plan, so you just take one intensive course at a time). It was on Thomas Merton, and we read several of his books in which he engages Buddhism. I remember being entranced, and that is how I am feeling now: the anticipation of enchantment. The cherry blossoms will be out, I think (fingers crossed), and I am looking forward to spending beautiful spring days in the contemplative space of zen gardens, peaceful Buddhas, and Shinto shrines.

I don’t know what the Internet situation will be there–surprisingly, wireless isn’t all that common in Japan. So, I am trying to let go of my mild-to-medium Internet addiction and relax about that. Do I really need to be connected the two days I will be staying at a Buddhist temple in Koyasan for example? (The answer is no, probably not.). So, the posts this trip may be more intermittent–we’ll see.

Thank you in advance for accompanying me on this trip–I like feeling a part of this virtual community, especially when physically I am so far away.

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